About us

Scope of professional activities of “PSP-Solutions” Company is providing professional accounting and legal services for the legal entities.

Actually, it makes no difference whether your Company is an industrial leader or you are making the first steps in your business operations; whether you need a one-time consultation or plan to deal with outsourcing accounting.

Probably, you may need to consult a lawyer or revise a contract, or involve a temporary accountant, in order to calculate a payroll or leave allowances, while your employed accountant is away from the office on vacation.

Feel free to contact us, we are ready to analyze your request and find a customized solution. Our professionals have considerable practical experience in the field of various types of business and taxation systems.

We are convinced that our precious experience and cooperation will help everyone achieve high results and goals were set. On our part, we guarantee to provide you with high-quality and professional solutions for your business, in order to optimize costs and tax expenditure, avoid cooperation with supervisory authorities, - and, which is the most important - it will offer you more time to spend on the issues related to the operational activities and business development.


We strongly believe that the quality of our services directly depends on the ability to listen and hear the Client.

Therefore, we pay great attention to the dialogue with the client. We are attentive to each request, consider the possible consequences and risks in certain situations, thus, we always offer a range of solutions. The list of services below is not complete and definite, however. Feel free to tell us about your issue and we will be pleased to help you find a professional and high-quality solution, in order to make your business successful.

The cost of services is calculated individually based on the specific case and a Customer’s request. You are welcome to contact us and discuss all the further details.



Compiling and submission of reports

Reporting on zero balance accounting (w/o any operation in tax period)

Organization of Accounting

Recovery  of Accounting

Accounting Consulting

Reconciliation of taxes and contributions

Letters of response related to the requirements of the Federal Tax Service


Analysis of the Current Accounting status

Express audit of the state of Bookkeeping and Tax Accounting

Verification of the prepared financial statements and tax returns, calculations of insurance premiums

Verification of reporting related to funds


Consulting Services

Online Consulting

Tax Consulting

Consulting on the issues related to the automation of accounting using 1C Software

Legal Consulting

Translation services (English, Spanish, Italian)


Legal Services

Registration of self-employed entrepreneurs / LLC

Registration of changes in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

Procedures related to contracts

Verification of transactions within the framework of the employment contracts of the enterprise

Activities related to claim settlement

Transactions support

Defense of rights of the legal entities in court

Representation of interests when working with the public authorities



Recovery of personnel records

Organization of personnel records

Keeping the personnel records


Document Management

Development of the document management system

Organization of the electronic document workflow (EDF)

Issue of keys for electronic digital signature (EDS)

Registration of personal accounts on websites of the public authorities for the exchange of electronic documents

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